Self Worth is Where It’s at

Having self worth has got to be one of the most important things ever if you ask me. I mean if you don’t love yourself, how can you ever learn to love someone else?? I’m going to share 10 things that I think everyone should try, so that they can improve their self love/self worth. Because having low self-esteem is definitely not fun.


  • Nobody is perfect


This is one thing you always need to remember. I mean yes, you should always try to be the best version of yourself, but remember that you are beautiful no matter what anyone else says or thinks of you.


  • Everyday say one thing you like about yourself


It may be something as small as “I love my outfit today,” but hearing that one thing from yourself can really help! For me, I put a sticky note on my mirror a while back with a few inspiring things on it so when i’m feeling down about myself I can just read it and remember that I really am beautiful no matter what anyone thinks of me. Having a beautiful heart is always better than a beautiful face.


  • Surround yourself with people who want the BEST for you


A lot of the time, how we feel about ourselves is all based on what our family and friends say to us. If your friend is constantly putting you down about different things, then that will definitely really hurt your feelings and your self-esteem. You will probably think that what they’re saying is true because they are your friend, but that’s not always the case. Your friends and family should be the people who are always supporting you no matter what. If they are doing anything different, then there is probably something wrong because they should never put you down!!


  • NEVER compare yourself to others.


This one is pretty self explanatory, because I mean if you’re comparing yourself to someone that you think is “prettier” or has a “better body” than you, then you’re just putting yourself down and that’s something you should never do. God created us in his image, and if he thinks that we are beautiful just the way we are… don’t you think that maybe we really are?


  • Be kind.. Always


You may think that this one is silly, but I promise you that if you’re kind to others it will bring so much more joy and positivity back into your life. When you’re kind to others, you just put out positive vibes and makes people want to be around you.


  • Get active


This one I know is really basic, but it really does help. Just going on a walk around your neighborhood, or just anything getting in a little bit of physical activity can really help put you in a better mood. And hey happy mood=happy thoughts!!


  • Eat healthier


I’m not saying that you should just go on a diet, but sometimes if all you eat is junk food it can really make you not feel as good about yourself. So every once and a while maybe substitute your usual fast food or go to junk food meal with something that will make you feel good. Inside and out.


  • End toxic relationships


In number 3. we talked about how you should only surround yourself with people who support you. Well if the people who are negative towards you are still making you feel bad about yourself. You might should find another friend or friend group. Because I promise you there are people out there that would make great friends and would probably support you unconditionally. You just have to find the right friends for you.


  • Go out and treat yourself


Every once and a while it’s good for you to recognize yourself. Like “hey i did really good on my finals i think i’m gonna buy myself that purse i’ve been wanting.” because YES you do deserve it. Never let anyone tell you that you deserve any less than what you’re getting either. Just love yourself!!!


  • Be  S T R O N G !!!


Don’t let what others say bring you down, and always stand up for yourself. Because last I checked you are all way too beautiful to be put down by others! Stand up for your friends too because no one deserves to be bullied or put down by others!


Thank you so much for reading! I really hope you enjoyed it, because i know i enjoyed typing it for all of you to read!

xoxo- abbi:)

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