DIY Piñata Costume

I love for my costumes to be out of the ordinary, and very colorful. Last year I dressed up as stitch, while my friend was lilo and it was just the cutest thing ever. I definitely had to top that this year… and what’s more colorful than a piñata? I thought I would share with y’all how I made my costume too! Also this can be a very last minute costume, because I just made it the day of Halloween lol!!

What I used for my costume was

  1. Tissue paper- in whatever colors you are wanting to use
  2. Nike pros (any spandex would work!!)
  3. Sports bra
    1. You could also use a tank dress instead of spandex and a sports bra!
  4. Hot glue gun

Directions-  all you need to do is cut short lines in the tissue paper and then glue it on! Super easy!! Well i also burnt myself with the hot glue gun like 20 times, but i just don’t pay attention very well haha.

I’m not like super creative or anything, but this was pretty easy! I already had everything I needed to make it too so it wasn’t expensive either!

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