Weighted Blankets

Okay… one of the things i asked for, for christmas was a weighted blanket. I already got it, because I got it during our family christmas with all my cousins and grandparents. And let me just tell you, it is AMAZING if you’re doubting getting one, stop it. I know that it seems like one of those things that won’t really work, but it definitely does. It really honestly helped me go to sleep. I’m always so restless and fidgety when trying to go to sleep, but the blanket really did help. I usually can hardly ever take naps, and I took a nap yesterday. I’m being so serious on how great this blanket is. I was so iffy about if it would actually help me go to sleep, but it did!! If you have any questions about it, please ask away!! I’ll put the link to my blanket below!! It was a Blanquil Blanket. It is kind of pricy for a blanket, but it really is as great as the ads say.

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